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Lions of the Faith: Saints, Blessed, and Heroes of the Catholic Faith in the Struggle with Islam


Lions of the Faith tells the story of the struggle between the worlds of Christendom and Islam as lived through the great men and women of the Catholic Church.

Written in an easy to understand and engaging manner, Lions of the Faith breaks ground through its chronicling the lives of great Catholics whose feats changed history but are seldom remembered today.

Researched in a dozen languages and from sources across three continents and fourteen centuries, Lions of the Faith is a rare gem in weaving together the amazing and uncensored story of the Catholic Church’s history with Islam.

From saintly martyrs to valiant warrior of all ages and from many places, Lions of the Faith will unquestionably inspire and educate its reader in both the facts of the Church’s history with Islam, as well as through the models given by the Church’s saints for relations with Islam and Muslims as the third millenium awakens.

Lions of the Faith: Saints, Blesseds, and Heroes of the Catholic Faith in the Struggle with Islam (2013). Available from in Kindle Format

20 Answers: Islam


What are the basic teachings of Islam?

How does the Quran compare with the Bible?

Does Islam really encourage violence in God’s name, or is it a religion of peace?

Can dialogue between Christians and Muslims foster a believers’ alliance against secularism and the Culture of Death?

In 20 Answers: Islam you’ll find smart, solid answers to these questions and many more. 20 Answers: Islam looks inside the religion of Mohammad to reveal what its own theological authorities teach, cutting through the ignorance and wishful thinking that are too common in our culture and spelling out Islam’s challenges to the Christian West—past, present, and future.

Islam: 20 Questions (2014). Published by Catholic Answers. Available from the Catholic Answers bookstore

Holding A Candle In A Darkening World